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It's with great sadness that I've to post this but I have to as people need to really understand that it has a massive impact to my business. I found out today a member of a clients family copied an image from my website and managed to get a large retailer within the town to print it with my watermark on it onto a canvas. This obviously impacts my business greatly and if everyone did it I'd not be able to keep a roof over my kids heads. I'd be out of business and no longer able to provide images for families. I hope that clients treasure the images that I take for them and that they understand that I wish I could give them away but I have expensive equipment to upkeep and a family to provide for. I am speaking with the large retailer regarding their policy on copyright breaches.. so I hope that I will deter others from doing this to small businesses.

Ruth Trotter Photography

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Delighted to have so many repeat clients. Today I had the Aitkinson family return .. I first photographed the boys two years ago, today they brought sister Charlotte to meet me..
I had the privilege of meeting up with a former bride and groom the other day from October 2016. Alison and Graeme were married at Murrayshall Hotel, Perth. It was such a beautiful day with blue skies and big fluffy clouds. On Tuesday Alison and Graeme brought with them the latest edition to the Davidson family.. baby Amy.. 9 days young! How beautiful is she.