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PITP3!!!! - Portraits in the Park is this year Portraits on the Beach or in the Wood!

Exciting news - just launching the Portraits in the Park event this year - to be held on the 19th June 2011!  Some images to follow of the location :O)

One of my favourites from the set :O)

Fredau, originally uploaded by A Girl Named Ruth ;o).

John Denton - Art of Contemporary Wedding

Fredau, a set on Flickr. What can I say - I'm delighted that things are getting busy - so much so that the blog has taken a back seat again - I must ensure it doesn't happen again!!!

I've been doing a lot of portfolio building over the last year to 18 months and that time has come to an end as I've finally launched the business!!! I'm very excited to what life has in store for the future - still a lot to learn but I definitely feel I'm well on my way now!

I've a few weddings booked throughout the year already and I can't wait!

To get it started I took John Denton's Contemporary Wedding course last week in Glasgow - it was a great day of learning - hoping to do even better than before in every way!

Here's some images from the day :-

***** NEW LOGO!!!

Delighted to tell you that I've had a new logo made for the business - Many thanks to Chris Wain from Waingroove Design.

This is the black and white version for you to see :O) I love it!