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Showing posts from November, 2010

We have LIGHTS!

This is exciting well for me... I've ordered a studio kit - backdrop and lights! Gives me a little more flexibility at this time of year! Can't wait to start playing!

What a month for Photography....What a Photographer ;o)

I should have posted this in October but October was a sad month as I lost my Uncle within a few months of losing my Nan. Before we knew about it I had been celebrating the win of 4 Bronze awards, awarded by SWPP - you can see the images here .

Well this month I've managed to gain 6 more Bronzes. here I'm desperate for a Silver (Gold's a wee while off yet - but I'll get there!).

Been exciting. I've also had a booking for a wedding in 2012! Haven't met the couple yet so I'm delighted that they have chosen me :O) Looking forward to it.

Had a lovely wedding with Stuart and Susan last Saturday.. they married abroad and then had a blessing over here with all their family and friends. Just finished putting their images online yesterday - hope they like them.. most nerve racking thing waiting to hear! lol