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Plenty happening....

So much to do so little time! I've been so busy so far this year getting the business up and running and with shoots... hopefully it's a sign of things to come! I have to say I'm loving it! I have also been undertaking some training... with Damian McGillicuddy I've been on two training days with Damian and have to say hopefully I'm reaping the benefits from his mentoring, both in the business and the technical side! Even though I earned my LSWPP last year, I can't sit back and relax.. I have to improve not just for myself but I owe my clients the best. I hope that my work will continue to get better and that when clients book me again they'll get something even more special than the first time!!! Watch this space.....

Jorja :)

Jorja, a set on Flickr. Today I saw one of our recent competition winners come in for her photoshoot. What a delight she was to photograph and very very cute!