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Today I had a no show.. these effect the running of the business and often sees me saying no to sessions. While I do take booking fees up front to secure the date sometimes people can't do immediately for one reason or another. I am going to have to add the rule in future payment within 48 hours or the booking is removed from the diary. It's not fair to my clients who want my services. I understand people can change their minds and that's fine but just a simple message to say that would save me energy in setting up studio and organising child care when I need to.

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Repeat clients...

Delighted to have so many repeat clients. Today I had the Aitkinson family return .. I first photographed the boys two years ago, today they brought sister Charlotte to meet me..
I had the privilege of meeting up with a former bride and groom the other day from October 2016. Alison and Graeme were married at Murrayshall Hotel, Perth. It was such a beautiful day with blue skies and big fluffy clouds. On Tuesday Alison and Graeme brought with them the latest edition to the Davidson family.. baby Amy.. 9 days young! How beautiful is she.