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New products :O)

Well I've been having an overhaul of my price list.. adding a number of items to it - more yet to follow!!  It's a huge process and has caused me a number of headaches - however we're getting there!

Anyway, thought I would share a few new products with you all that will be featuring in new price list!

The latest one arrived this morning - in time for my couple of hours on my stall at a Nappy Networking meeting next week in the Lovat Hotel - 20th May - 10.30 till 12.30!

Anyway here it is - the wonderful Alumini!!!  Prices start at £55 at present for a 10" x 8".

Then there is the Portfolio Box  - Price from £169

Then there is the Clarity Range - Price start at £240

A lot more than that - that is just some of the products I do :O) I am currently looking into doing more framed items with a selection of frames. Watch this space!!!

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