Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Congrulations to Hannah & Stu :O)

I think I enjoyed the day as much as you guys! Amazing details in your wedding. Hannah's dad's speach has to be the best speach I've heard! Full of fun, emotion and cheek ;o) To see the film of Hannah and Stu in the early years was wonderful. Everyone watched on in great delight! You did very well in keeping everyone wanting more! I think Stu's brother Michael certainly did an awesome job too though!

A very special day indeed. I also managed to stop traffic.. to get everyone across the street safely.. there were plenty to get across!

Hannah was ever the radiant bride, she was beautiful! Stunning dress, Stu certainly looked in awe!

All the very best for your future together and I look forward to photographing other events in your life ;o)

Hannah & Stu's Wedding 2808

Hannah & Stu's Wedding 2808