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BSOC Fundraiser

Well last Sunday was BSOC (afterschool club) fundraiser. I awoke to the birds chattering.. looking out the window a fine misty air.. oh dear we have a photo shoot today! Well I was extremely lucky! The photo shoot went a head and right down to the last one we managed! The last family arrived just as it started to rain - their brollies were up as they made their way across the field... oh dear! I said hopefully we'll be fine for a bit under the trees then a few out in the field and dash for cover! We made it!!!

A few from the day to share :O)

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Repeat clients...

Delighted to have so many repeat clients. Today I had the Aitkinson family return .. I first photographed the boys two years ago, today they brought sister Charlotte to meet me..
I had the privilege of meeting up with a former bride and groom the other day from October 2016. Alison and Graeme were married at Murrayshall Hotel, Perth. It was such a beautiful day with blue skies and big fluffy clouds. On Tuesday Alison and Graeme brought with them the latest edition to the Davidson family.. baby Amy.. 9 days young! How beautiful is she.